Effective Self Defense For Children…
‘Giving Our Children The Tools They Need To Stay Safe’

On this page we cover specialist self defense for children.We talk about teaching your child the awareness they need to keep them out of trouble.We describe some great kid’s self defense techniques so they can fight effectively if they need to.And we talk about how taekwondo training can help your child to think straight under pressure.

Here’s Some Great Self Defense Techniques For Children


Pinching is a great self defense technique for kids. Teach your child how to pinch the thin skin the inside of a thigh or arm.Get them to dig their nails in.It really hurts.

self defense for children,self defense techniques,taekwondo

And your kids can easily bend back fingers. This is a great way to get an adult to release a grab.And after your child has broken free. Teach them to run like the wind.The best self defense for children is being out of the way of danger.

Does Your Kid Tend To Be Shy? Or Lack Self-Confidence?

sparring kids,kids sparring,taekwondo

Shy kids find it hard to cope with confrontation. Teasing in the school yard can ruin their day. And a threat from a bully can lead to melt-down.Through taekwondo sparring kids learn to face up to confrontation.How?…Well…They learn how to stand in a ring and face someone who is trying to attack them. (And believe us although tkd sparring is controlled it is still frightening and confronting.)Good martial arts instructors build up childrens’ sparring skills slowly. So at first tkd kids face a couple of kicks in a drill.And in time they build up to full sparring bouts lasting around 1-2 minutes.And through their sparring training children learn not to panic.Not to run away.And not to turn their backs.But to stand up tall and face their aggressor.To think clearly under huge pressure.And to hit back with in a measured way with self-control.

Teach Your Child Awareness

The first rule of self defense for children (and adults too!) is not to be there. It’s simple…If you avoid trouble you don’t have to deal with it.Explain this to your kids. Talk to them about ways to avoid confrontation at school. Teach them to be aware of other people’s behavior.Explain to them how to recognize if someone is getting angry. This gives them the chance to be out of the way before any trouble starts.Talk to your child about the company they keep. Talk about making friends with non-aggressive kids.Talk to your teenager about unsafe areas of your town. And discuss the importance of staying with a group of trustworthy friends.


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